Hair care and acne

Beautiful hair is just as important as clear skin. However be aware as certain hair products may be contributing to acne. The old term “pomade acne” was used to describe acne eruptions along the frontal hairline, forehead, and temple areas in individuals who were long time users of pomade.

Nowadays, popular hair products made for frighting-frizz, smoothing, or conditioning the hair can be highly comedogenic (pore-clogging) and leading to acne (see post on acne pathogenesis). Often these leave-in products contain oils, petrolatum, and silicon-based ingredients, which should be avoided in acne-prone individuals. When applied to the hair, the products can often rub off on the face, or rub off on the pillow, which is then indirectly transfer to the face. A clue to “pomade acne” is usually finding more breakouts along the hairline and cheek area.

When caring for your hair, here are some tips you can try to minimize acne breakouts:

  1. For those with acne-prone skin, try to avoid oils and petrolatum based ingredients, and be cautious with silicone, and silicone-based products, such as cyclopentasiloxane and dimethicone.
  2. When spraying hair products, cover the forehead and face to avoid getting products
    on the skin.
  3. Wash your pillowcase often (if possibly every few days), as it often harbors makeup, oil, and bacteria.
  4. If hair products are applied before bedtime, consider sleeping in a shower cap, or tie your hair up into a bun to limit the transfer of products onto the pillow.
  5. Wash your hands after applying hair products, before touching your skin.

Hope these are some helpful tips, please share any additional tips you may have.

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